Monday, February 24, 2020

Project Management- Group Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words - 1

Project Management- Group Report - Essay Example This is the reason behind our project. As project management students, we came up with an idea that would make it much easier for us to raise funds to disburse to the Syrian humanitarian kitty. According to our plan, these moneys would be used for helping the refugees to acquire the humanitarian support-healthcare, food, shelter, education and hygiene that they are in a dire need of. To effectively do this, we organized our team in such a way that everyone would have an important contribution to make. Meaning, each of us was given a role to play as we were working on the project. A part from assigning individual roles, we ensured that we put in place a team of leaders who would be coordinating the activities of the project. As creative minds, we engaged one another and came up with an idea of using a canvas in which people would be signing as they give us their donations. By giving them a chance to sign our canvas, we managed to appeal to everyone. They would be attracted to make their donations which they believed would be appropriately used for the right purpose. With our budget of 45 Euros, we managed to conduct all our activities without any constraint. In fact, we only used 22 Euros. In order o achieve this; we opted to make a good use of Lean Project Management, Traditional Approach and CCPM strategies of project management. We had to apply the principles of project management because they would be of much help to us. A part from providing us with the theoretical framework, they would enable us to carry out all the activities in the best and most suitable way so far. These made it much easier for us to identify our resources and effectively utilize them for the benefit of accomplishing our common goal. It is for this reason that we managed to effectively carry out our activities and raised funds for the project. In fact, we managed to do everything within the budgeted

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