Thursday, November 21, 2019

System analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

System analysis - Essay Example 2-Identify 6 business processes and explain primary responsibility for each process. Describe what data is required and what information is generated by each process. Maybe helpful to do this as a Word table with column headings for business process, person responsible, and data. For this system, the main recommendation relies on the best way of increasing its reliability and availability. In order to increase reliability, the company should adopt security for the system to ensure all the processes are secure and efficient (Shelly et al, p.10). Further, security also proves important since it gives assurance on the availability; hence, the proactivity of the whole system in the numerous transactions taking place. Since the support system is responsible for the proper coordination of business activities, the business should adopt accountability and accuracy. The two are important to ensure that all the required resources are channeled appropriately to all the departments. The company needs to put in place expertise who are responsible for updating the system with any significant information. The ERP system stores large business information regarding all the five organization’s activities. The information stored is used to keep track of business operations in relations to the trends in the market (Shelly et al, p.10). Intuitively, for the company to get quality results it will need to update the system with any relevance change witnessed over a trading

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